Fabrica Virtual

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"Web Designers and Web Developers. Subcontractors, Outsourcers & Telecommuters"

So, you have an idea?

We will bring it to life! - There are specific needs that require special attention.
We will develop just about anything for your web site, WordPress CMS or Blog.

Designers, bring your own art!

We will code your designs in to a fully functional website, weather just HTML5/CSS3 or an exclusive WordPress theme.

Mobile Ready, Mobile first!

Keep up to date with your clients. We develop responsive websites that look just fine in any desktop browser as in a mobile phone or tablet.


Miguel Azevedo e Castro

, that's me.

I've started designing and developing commercial websites back in 1999.
In early 2007 I adopted WordPress as my main development platform, and I've have been loving it ever since!

Working under the "Fabrica Virtual" brand, me and a group of other highly qualified professionals (from graphic designers, to hard-core programmers, along with other web designers and web developers), team together whenever necessary to accomplish our client's goals. - Only who is needed in a project gets enrolled in the project. This helps us maximize performance and minimize costs.

Based in Portugal we are worldwide IT service providers and telecommuters

Fabrica Virtual is a Portuguese registered trade-mark since 2005.
Legally registered as an IT service provider.


Our latest "visible" work* (with WordPress, of course):

Floresta Segura - Engenharia e Protecção Ambiental

Intertidal - Turismo de natureza e aventura.

Má Fila - T-shirt shop - Design irreverente

* This section is actually under construction, but we had to give you something to see...

"Invisible" Projects:

As subcontractors, we do a lot of complex work for other companies. - A good part of our developing services is outsourced, so we call it "invisible" work.
Unfortunately we can´t show it off...

Stock Photography

This idea started when we needed specific imagery to fulfill our design ideas and couldn’t find any. So we decided to shoot them ourselves. Today it stands as a modest part of our services. We feed several top micro-stock agencies, but we do accept commissioned work within our scope.

If you need a specific image, a specific composition, object or reachable location pictured, call us we will shoot it and post-produce it. - Very Friendly prices if you don't require exclusivity on the images shot!

All Stock images featured in this website are authored by me, Miguel Azevedo e Castro

These images have been blurred, cropped, and re-edited to suit this website's layout.
All the original images can be bought trough Shutterstock and other fine stock agencies.


We will develop just about anything for your Web Site, WordPress CMS or Blog.

If you a are a Designer, and don't have the skills, time or patience to code your own site, we will do it for you.

Ok you already have a website, but how about mobile? - Does it really look good in your Ipad or Android tablet?

We develop responsive websites that look and feel just fine, in any desktop browser, as in a mobile phone or tablet.


Get in touch, we'd love to help you.